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To Sell Is Human: Principles and Posts to Come

A week has passed since the shootings at Shady Hook, Connecticut and life has gotten back to normal for some of us.   I’ve finally had a chance to pull myself away from… Continue reading

Shady Hook Shooting, A Call For Love

This past Friday, 14 Dec 2012, I found myself gripping a small TV.  I was anxiously hoping for information explaining why a man walked into an Elementary School in Shady Hook, Connecticut and… Continue reading

Kupuna – An Interactive Documentary About the Bridge to the Past of Laie, Hawaii

A close friend of mine, Nathaniel Hansen, is working on a documentary focused on my home town of Laie, Hawaii.  Nathaniel has done previous work focusing on the bridge the elderly create to… Continue reading

Daniel Pink: To Sell is Human

Author Daniel Pink is releasing another great book, To Sell Is Human.  I’ve convinced his team that I’m worthy of an advanced copy and they’ve allowed me to support their marketing blitz.  My… Continue reading

Good to Great #7: Flywheel and the Doomloop

This is the last post I’m going to dedicate to the 7 principles of the book Good to Great. The principle of the flywheel and doomloop is simple. Imagine a giant flywheel suspended… Continue reading

Why We Love Kids and Lead Singers

I’m reading The Element by Ken Robinson these days. This is another great book and I will be dedicating a number of future posts to it once I’m done reading it. However, I… Continue reading

Good to Great #6: Technology Accelerators

The team supporting Jim Collins’ research for his book Good to Great debated whether or not a chapter needed to be dedicated to the use of technology by great companies – whether technology is… Continue reading

Connect and Get a Photo Project

Win free photos for the next 16 weeks!!  Learn how by clicking here.

Inspiration For Your Elusive Creative Genius

Have you ever struggled to do something creative?  Have you created something amazing and ever wondered if you could do it again?  How much of what we create is purely a result of… Continue reading